Monday, 29 October 2018


Art in Fusion had the pleasure of attending the House of Commons for a private event hosted by CEO of National Mentoring Day Chelsey Baker and Preet Gill MP from the APPG for mentoring. 

Members of Parliament, Lords and distinguished guests gathered to show their support for mentoring. The event took place to celebrate National Mentoring Day which takes place on 27th October each year. 

Chelsey Baker an award winning mentor, launched the initiative to make mentoring accessible to everyone and inspire more people to become a mentor or seek mentoring. We encourage everyone to share their mentoring success stories, tips and case studies, and use the day to highlight their mentoring initiatives.  

With Lord Young as the Patron, the official National Awareness Day encourages mentoring events and activities to take place across the world. The campaign to make mentoring accessible to everyone of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds has received widespread support from leading brands, corporate organisations, celebrities and governments. Here in the UK the campaign reached the House of Lords and has attracted worldwide audiences. 

Every day thousands of people mentor throughout the year, often unseen and frequently under the radar this is why National Mentoring Day is so important so that we can shout about all the successes mentoring can bring. Mentoring is a vital component to the success and welfare of individuals, groups and organisations. 

As a result of National Mentoring Day, hundreds of mentoring initiatives have been launched across the country and internationally. The campaign has received hundreds of pages of national press coverage with companies and organisations large and small now celebrating the national day by launching new mentoring initiatives or publicising their own mentoring programmes to drive awareness to recruit new mentors and thank their existing mentors. 

We met Leah Sassoon a great example of a mentoring success story who has been the recent beneficiary of Mentoring, working all the way from Nairobi with UK mentor Jackie Jenks OBE. A whole host of MPs attended with official partners included Paul Coleman and Sara from Lawbite, Derek Bell from Zypha, Dr John Hutchinson and Grace Hully from PCS Instruments, Sylvain Bonnet from NL International, Claudio Dobrik and Dora Luca from Aura Gold Water, Vivienne Scantlebury and Carolene Thompson mentors from Newable. 

Chelsey has successfully mentored hundreds of businesses and individuals and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading business mentors.  Her career spans over twenty years working in media, publishing, PR and marketing. Chelsey is an inspirational mentoring champion and campaigner who has won many high profile awards for her work including “Business Mentor of the Year" awarded by Start Your Business magazine and she received the British Bankers' Association’s "Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award” at BAFTA. Chelsey is passionate about helping individuals achieve their full potential through mentoring and was chosen as a lead mentor for numerous governmental projects and has been listed as one of the most influential women in the world.

Why did you launch National Mentoring Day?
Whilst there are hundreds of great mentoring programmes out there, nothing connected everyone together. National Mentoring Day helps unite everyone and raise awareness on the benefits of mentoring.  My aim is to connect all the initiatives and programmes together, this includes enterprise, educational, ex-forces, community and ex-offender mentoring to work collaboratively to help advance mentoring.

Why are you passionate about mentoring?
I love mentoring because as a result of my guidance I get to see my clients succeed and share their success with them. In these continued times of unrest the world needs mentoring! Mentoring has the power to change lives. 

I’m driven by my mission to make mentoring accessible to everyone, this includes hard reaching groups from unemployed, elderly, veterans, homeless, families and those with mental health, disabilities or long term illnesses, why shouldn’t they have access to mentoring? Mentoring is a way to create a more inclusive society and has the potential to trigger significant benefits on a global scale. Everyone has something to offer as a mentor and everyone has something to learn as a mentee. Mentoring should be accessible to any business, adult, child or group that needs it and National Mentoring Day will help make this happen. 


Friday, 5 October 2018


 by @rebecariofrio_artinfusiontv
photos by @poalocapelli

Rohmirs 'fairy tale collection' was once more a full production show accompanied by music and dance;  predominated aspects on Olga Roh shows.

" Ellie Pinder- Fashion Scouts Press quoted:
Fairy-tale inspired gowns adorned with, gowns with floral lace in light pink hues began the theatrical showcase which is traditional of a Rohmir show. Whimsical flute harmonies played as contemporary ballerina dresses flew down the runway. Dancers exhibited a halter neck, diamanté embodied dress in an enchanting fashion.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

DESIGNER OMAR MANSOOR SS19; inspired collection on a Welsh former model Grace Coddington.

main photos by Paolo Capelli 

Omar Mansoor’s inspired his latest collection on a Welsh former model and the creative director at Vogue USA magazine Grace Coddington.

Mansoor’s SS19 assemblage was made entirely in RED featuring the complex and dramatic personality of Coddington.

A mixture of different fabrics like chiffons, embroideries, cottons & organza were part of the making of this bright contemporary collection.
Designer Omar Mansoor 

The show took place within the collective show “Fashion International by Geoff Cox” at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross during the London fashion Week September 2018.

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Guests at the Fashion International Show : Singer songwriter TheVoice2018 Finalist  @Laurenbannon1  - Rebeca Riofrio CEO Art in Fusion TV and Singer and professional dancer @Lauren.Halil 
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